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Sony ZX2 Coming in the near future

I was told by a source to expect a new updated ZX model but no details about when and how it will look like.  The ZX2 has just passed thru the FCC, albeit the Japanese model, NW and not NWZ.  It looks like the device will feature dual-band Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS.

So what does this mean? Well either the ZX1 will be slightly updated and finally sold as the ZX2 in the US, or a completely new model is coming, which will be sold around the world.  I will also mention that the same source also mentioned a device to replace the current F-Series, so perhaps that will come in the near future as well.

Expect the new ZX2 to make a debut at CES 2015.


  1. Awesome! Let's hope it's a new, more powerful model! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Cheers. Seba

  2. Hopefully the price will be reduced so that more people can afford it

  3. any idea when we will know more about zx2? and what about review of A10?


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