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Sony YY2968 will be called the WF-C700N

Sony YY2968 WF-C700N WFC700N

Thanks to to an import filing, we can confirm the name of the WF-C500 successor, it will be called the WF-C700N.

In addition to the name, we also know the colours Sony will offer with the new model. Those colours will be:

  • Black (BZ)
  • White (WZ)
  • Green (GZ)
  • Violet (VZ)
Sony YY2968 WF-C700N WFC700N

I am guessing the violet colour is replacing the orange one from the WF-C500. The battery size is also mentioned, 7x3x2cm, which is a bit different to the one in the WF-C500 which is about 32mm x 18mm from the FCC photos. Maybe it should be 0.7 x 3 x 2 cm, not 7 cm. Who knows.

Interesting enough the exporter, Cresyn Hanoi, is a company from South Korea which manufacturers devices for other companies. It appears they also make dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Whether Sony is a client with these parts is not known. The company that did the certification on the new model is also from South Korea, so it would suggest Cresyn is the OEM making the new WF-C700N for Sony.

For more details about the new WF-C700N, check out this post. The WF-C500 was announced in late September 2021, but we know the YY2968 FCC short term confidentiality ends on May 20th 2023, which would indicate an earlier release, of perhaps this Spring.

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