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Everytime you buy an iPod, a Walkman dies

You’re probably thinking, “why is an Apple event getting coverage on The Walkman Blog?” Well 2 reasons, 1. new iPods usually mean lower pricing for the entire industry, and 2. I got to make an awesome image for the post. More after the break.

The rumours is that the new Touch will hit 64GB and come in at $349 US which means the 32GB model will drop below 300 bucks. Of course all of this is rumour and speculation, but with the ZuneHD 32GB shipping for $289 US starting September 15th, there is no way Apple will allow Microsoft to undercut them in the pricing game.

Sony has already undercut the Nano’s pricing with the affordable 16GB E and S models but it remains to be seen if Sony will follow with a price reduction for the X-Series. If rumours pan out and the price of the new Touch 32GB comes in under 300 bucks then a $400 X-Series begins to look less and less appealing. Sure the noise-cancellation feature is a nice addition and is worth up to 100 bucks (depending on the cost of separate active noise-cancellation headphones), but I do not believe a price above $349 is a good deal for the X-Series.

Currently the X retails for $499 CAN in Canada which is $100 more than the equivalent iPod Touch. I am not sure why Sony Canada priced the X so high but I know I have decided to not buy one at such a ridiculous price. There are no plans for the ZuneHD to be sold in Canada just yet, but new iPods is a different story. The new Touch will no doubt be available for order off the Apple website either the same day or the next and will be at retailers by week’s end or early next week at the latest. Unfortunately Apple may decide to keep the prices unchanged for Canada since we have no ZuneHD up here but one can always hope for lower pricing and Sony in turn lowering their own pricing on the X. Personally I am still waiting for the new A-Series and will give it until end of October, if it does not appear by then which it should, I will have to opt for a X-Series but at a reduced price of course.


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