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Hmm nothing, well this sucks....

Well I was hoping for something to appear at the press conference, but no Walkman, nada. I waited and refreshed Engadget’s IFA page and sure the Xperia X2 debuted (699 euros, ouch) and of course the new Vaio X series. Perhaps Sony has something saved up for Friday but I am doubtful now, since why not release information today?

Furthermore Creative just announced their new Zen X-Fi2 PMP.

32GB at $229.99 and microSD expansion slot. Oh Sony when will you get with the program and release something competitive at the top end of the market? Perhaps the walkman god will be kind today and still offer us a new Walkman.

Bah, there is no spoon!

1 comment:

  1. omg no walkman? =/

    mmmmm is too bad

    i'll be waiting =]



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