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New A-Series to debut at IFA 2009?

According to Sonyinsider, another walkman is supposed to debut at IFA 2009. Could this be the new A-Series? More after the break.

Link to article on Sonyinsider

Apparently this new walkman will be along the lines of the new S-Series but without speakers and "interesting" features. So what are these features? Hmm well good question. With no speakers then the screen size can increase possibly to 16:9 widescreen and perhaps either be touch or non-touch, my guess is touch. I do know what type of screen it will be (LCD vs OLED), but I cannot reveal this.

What about Wi-Fi? That is also a good question, but I do not believe it will get Wi-Fi since this will be reserved for the higher end X and its successors. Although Sony may pull a rabbit out of a hat and offer Wi-Fi on the new A, long shot I know. I will eat a bug if this happens.

Noise cancellation? Perhaps this will be added but then with NC there probably will not be any Wi-Fi. Regardless, I look forward to this new walkman, if it shows up that is. Sony’s press conference for IFA begins on Wednesday September 2 at 17:00 CET.

Opinions and comments are welcome.


  1. Este nuevo walkman vendra con la opcion Bluetooth?

    espero que asi sea pero tambien para poder mandar y recibir canciones del celular, asi como lo hace el P3 de Samsung.

    Esperamos las proximas noticias.



  2. Not sure if it will have bluetooth since the X series does not have it and there is the bluetooth adapter for the wm-port but I do not think bluetooth was that popular.

    btw I do not speak spanish :P


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