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New Walkmans break cover, S640, S740, A840

• A-Series available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
• S-Sereies available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB
• S740 and A840 feature noise-cancellation
• 2.8in OLED screen on A-Series
• TV-out on all models

Some more photos and links to all the information in Japanese and prelim info from Sonyinsider in English after the break.

A-Series press release (in Japanese)

S-Series press release (in Japanese)

Live photos of new A-Series from AV Watch

Live photos of the new S-Series from AV Watch

A-Series information from Sonyinsider

S-Series information from Sonyinsider



  1. Hi there. First of all, let of congratulate you for this wonderful blog! It really is something.

    I have a question: now that we know there's a new A series on the market, do you believe we can now expect a firmware update for the X, as you once predict it?

  2. tbis depends if the current hardware in the X series could support the new firmware, but my guess is that a new x series will appear at CES 2010.


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