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S-Series available for Order on Sony Style Canada and Bestbuy.ca

Well it seems that the 16GB version of the new S-Series can be ordered from the Sony Style Canada website. Three models are available for ordering, 8GB black, and 8GB and 16GB violet. More after the break.

Prices are $159.99 for the 16GB and $129.99 for the 8GB. In a previous post, I mentioned how one can save $25 off the new E-Series, and the same deal applies for the new S as well. During checkout just enter the promotion code “BTS25” and this will lower the price by $25 bucks off either the E or S making both players a great deal but there is the limited colour choice.

Best Buy Canada has most of the new walkmans up on their website with pricing inline with Sony’s but no discount. So if you want a black 16GB S-Series, check out Best Buy’s website or even check in store for a hands on with the players. E-Series models are also available for ordering.

Link to 16GB S-Series on Bestbest.ca

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