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Hey Everyone, I have been contemplating a redesign of the blog a few months back but was too busy unfortunately.  Now with some free time on my hands I have made a slight change to the blog design.  As much as I liked the previous design, there were some issues with it, such as slow load times and problems editing certain aspects like widgets and social media addons.  Therefore I have opted for a simpler design utilizing a stock template which I have modified.

First is the Google search for the blog, which cleans up the design as well, next is the ads which I have tried to integrate much better with the design so they do not stand out as much.  Comments have also been revamped with all comments appearing after the post.  Finally I have added a social media share buttons like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Google+.  This should make sharing blog posts easier for users which I recommend highly.

I wanted a rotating header image but it was not working correctly so I scrapped that idea.  Once the new Walkmans come out, I will hopefully be able to update the logo.


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