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Sony Introduces New Speaker Docks for Walkman

Apart from an updated E-Series, Sony also introduced 2 new speaker docks for Walkman, the RDP-NWG400 and RDP-NWM7.  The new speaker docks will be released on February 11th, with retail pricing of around $100 for the RDP-NWM7 and around $170 for the RDP-NWG400.  Both will be available in black and white and will unfortunately be only sold in Japan.  I do hope Sony decides to introduce more speaker docks internationally.

More information and photos after the break.

The new RDP-NWG400 is targeted towards the A, S, and Z-Series crowd due to the Bluetooth functionality of the devices.  Output is 20W with a Bass Boost feature and the dock comes with a remote and a USB port to charge a Bluetooth headset for the S-Series.  Other Bluetooth enabled devices will work with the dock like any tablets or smartphones.
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The smaller sized  RDP-NWM7 is aimed at a much younger crowd with a S or E-Series Walkman.  The NWM7 is a much more portable device able to run off AC power or 4 AAA batteries and a handle to make carrying easier.  Unlike the NWG400, the NVM7 lacks Bluetooth and the USB port but also comes with a remote to control the Walkman.

Click on the photos for a larger view

Source: AV-Watch, Sony


  1. Why SONY WHY!!! We want cool stuff here as well. Don't bring these to the USA with iPod capabilities on it only or I will be pissed off! AGAIN!!

  2. i would like to correct here that nwg400 is 2.1ch 5+5+10=20w (from sony.jp).
    in-spite of 20w i feel it is still underpowered.
    i am using rdp x50ip ( which is an ipod dock) with line in and it is 40w in power which i feel is just ok .
    you have not mentioned anything about the top of the line rdp nwx500b which is also only available in japan!

  3. Thanks for the correction I will modify the post.

    I will add a post about the NWX-500B later today and will try to make a page about all the speaker docks available for the walkman.


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