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Service Menu Access and Service Manual for X-Series

I am not responsible if your player stops working or if you encounter any errors.

Here are the instructions to access the service menu for the X-Series.

I have tried this on my X-Series and was able to enter the service menu with no problems.  I went forth to select Other and then DEST as it is mentioned here, but I am not able to change anything in that menu, the only thing shown is CE 7 or CES 7 and SPS off I believe.  

If anyone is able to change the region or adjust the volume, please post in the comments below but from the manual it appears not much can be changed

4-4-6. Destination setting (DEST)
The destination setting, language information, and sound pressure
regulation information are written in the NAND fl ash memory.
Note: Not used for the servicing.
4-4-7. Sound pressure regulation setting (SPSET)
ON/OFF of sound pressure regulation is confirmed.

Click here to view the service manual



  1. What's the purpose of accessing the service menu?

  2. When I compare my older A818 bought in north america and my X purchased in Europe, there is a volume difference. Although the X is loud enough for me, I wish I could have it slightly louder at times.

  3. a little bit late, but it might help for other people
    Use hte SonyNWDestTool



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