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Hello Sony, thanks for visiting

It is great to see that Sony visiting the blog from time to time. The photo above is from the time period corresponding to a few day before and during the recent signature series unveil in Hong Hong.  The short visit time is not encouraging, so they are probably checking to see what leaked perhaps.  But I do have some hope that Sony reads some of the opinions I post and users post in the comments.

If anyone from Sony is reading this, it would be great to get some review units to test out, be it walkmans or headphones.  While I have contacted my local Sony representative, they did say they would be willing to work with the site but are limited on the supply of review units, so perhaps Sony HQ from Japan would be willing to help out with such an request?  So for visitors and fans, leave comments and opinions on the posts, hopefully someone at Sony will see them and suggest changes for future devices.


  1. Congratulations on Sony visiting this great site! Your work definitely helps keeping us Walkman users informed and interested in upcoming models and/or headphones.
    Regarding suggestions, I would love to see higher end Walkmans getting streaming capabilities again. Sometimes it is useful for checking out new music, even if one does most of the listening using own files.
    Keep it up!

  2. I've been a loyal Walkman and Sony audio fan for over two decades. This site has been so helpful in knowing what might be coming up soon. Keep up the great work!

  3. It's good to see Sony is checking out...
    I'm waiting for a Walkman with WiFi built in for streaming via Spotify and Tidal as well...

    1. So am I In the meantime I'm enjoying my ZX2. Not buying a new high end player without Wi-Fi.


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