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Sony Internal Codes for Walkman Models

(ICX-1288 - NW-ZX300)

In a previous article, I wrote about two upcoming portable audio players from Sony, the ICX-1291 and ICX-1300.  While I still do not have any additional information/specifications about the unknown devices, I was able to find out the internal codes for current and past models which might give some speculation about these 2 devices.

The Bluetooth certification site was able to reveal some codes for some models, the the NWZ-A10 (ICX-1263) and NW-WS620 (ICX-1282). The rest of the model codes are from Sony's support site or FCC documents.  So with that, let me start with the A-Series.

NW-A10 - ICX-1263
NW-A20 - ICX-1275
NW-A30 - ICX-1280
NW-A40 - ICX-1290
NW-A50 - ICX-1291

DMP-Z1- ICX-1300

It seems there is no pattern/sequence, meaning that the next A50 could be the ICX-1291 or even ICX-1300.  I suspect the ICX-1291 is the A50, while the ICX-1300 is a higher end model, maybe a replacement for the ZX line.  Of course it is entirely plausible that the codes do not even represent 2018 devices but next year's (2019) Walkmans.  With only one Walkman passing through the FCC so far, this could mean we are looking at one model with BT and NFC and the other without BT or NFC.  Whatever the case, we will know in less than 3 weeks.  Now onto the rest of current and past Walkman models.

NW-WS620 - ICX-1282
NW-WS610 - ICX-1261
NW-WS410 - ICX-1268

NW-E390 - ICX-1272
NW-E080 - ICX-1242

NW-S10 - ICX-1267
NW-S310 - ICX-1285

NW-B180 - ICX-1258

NW-ZX1 - ICX-1240
NW-ZX2 - ICX-1266

NW-ZX100 - ICX-1269
NW-ZX300 - ICX-1288

NW-WM1A - ICX-1277
NW-WM1Z - ICX-1278

NWZ-A860 - ICX-1210
NWZ-A820 - ICX-1115
NWZ-X1050/X1060 - ICX-1134
NWZ-F800 - ICX-1227

NWZ-M500 - ICX-1254

I am sure the older Walkmans without BT/WiFi/NFC also have ICX codes but it is difficult many older players dissembled.

So what are people's thoughts?  Is the ICX-1291 the NW-A50 and is the ICX-1300 a high end Walkman with no BT/NFC?  Or are we looking at devices from next year?  Post your ideas below.

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