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CES 2017 (Update)

Happy New Years fellow Walkman fanatics.  As with previous years, January brings a new year and CES.  And with 3 days until the press conference, here is what we can look forward to.  Apart from the new WS Model and new headphones, Sony could debut the new A-Series for North America and perhaps maybe some new wireless speakers.  This may be all we get in the Walkman area, unless there are some surprises from Sony but it has been a while since Sony has had an exciting CES. 

Sony will be holding their press conference this year on January 4th at 5 pm PST.  Times for other regions are as follows: 8PM East coast US, 2:00 AM January 5th Paris local time, Tokyo is 10:00 local time, and January 5th at 12:00 in Australia (Melbourne).  

As for other Sony products?  I am guessing a smartphone or two, new TVs, and 4K Blu-ray players.  While it would be great for some awesome new revolutionary products or innovations from Sony, doubtful, like I wrote earlier, it has been some time since Sony had an exciting CES.

Update: I can confirm the new A-Series should be at CES, meaning that the A30 will receive a more global release this year.

The link for the stream is below:

Stream will start in around 30 minutes time.

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  1. Hope they announced the A series for Europe, 64Gb but would settle for any size


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