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Sony Launches new WS620 Waterproof Sports Walkman

Sony has launched the new WS620 Waterproof Sports Walkman at CES 2017.  The new WS model features a similar design to the WS410 and depending on the region will ship in black, grayish white, blue and lime green.  Capacity will also vary depending on region, 4GB or 16GB (North America).

Waterproof even in salt water

The new WS features bluetooth and NFC for streaming audio from your smartphone. Like the previous model. the weight remains the same at 37g.  The device is rated for extreme weather conditions, -5°C to 45°C and features a durable and tough design.  The IPX5-rated splashproof remote control can be used in light rain or rinsed under the tap, and the IPX5/8-rated waterproof headset can be fully submerged in saltwater to a depth of 2m for 30min.  Both are IP6X-rated dustproof, so you can take your run or workout to the beach.

Ambient Sound mode

Like the updated WS410, the new WS620 features Ambient Sound mode. This mode uses the microphones built into the left and right side of the Walkman to allow you to hear the ambient sounds around you, even as you listen to music. So, you can listen to your fitness instructor or talk to your friends without missing a beat.

Battery life is rated for 12 hours and a quick 3 minute recharge provides up to 60 minutes of playback.

A built-in microphone for hands-free calls

You don’t have to pause your workout to take that important phone call. With a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, you can make and answer calls wirelessly from your smartphone.

Standard and waterproof earbuds for versatile listening

Get the best sound for your workout with a choice of standard or waterproof earbuds. Standard earbuds give you a comfortable fit and balanced sound. Hitting the pool? Switch to the waterproof earbuds; a thin film covers each earbud, preventing water damage within the Walkman and optimising sound levels for underwater listening.

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