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Sony will be releasing updated WF-1000XM3 Wireless Ear Buds

Sony released their Airpod competitor in the fall of 2017, while a great looking and sounding product with impressive noise cancellation, the battery life was less than desirable.  You can check out Pocket-lint's review to see if they are worth your money.  But personally I would wait, even if Sony has dropped the price, for this new model.

Previously the ID/FCC info tag was located on the underside of the case, this time, it looks like Sony has relocated it to the inside of the case.  In Pocketlint's review, the lid broke off the case on the first day, strange and hopefully isolated  I would imagine something like opening and closing the case would be tested in the lab to make sure it was durable but perhaps Sony screwed up the design or Pocketlint received a faulty unit.  Perhaps the new model will have a slightly redesigned case that would minimize any such problems.

Curious, for any users who own a pair of current model, has anything similar happened to your case with the lid breaking off?  Leave a comment with your experiences. 

Back to the new model, the FCC documents provide very little information apart from the use of Bluetooth classic and low energy, so v.4.2 at the least, up from the 4.1 on the first gen model.  The first gen used Qualcomm's CSR8675 audio SoC, and this does feature support up to Bluetooth 5.0 but the product brief only states 4.2, so not sure which one is correct.  That aside, the new model hopefully will have at least v4.2 and possibly 5.0.  The SoC features Qualcomm's aptX tech and this was missing on the first gen, so perhaps Sony will finally add it to the mark 3.
Sony WF-1000X parts

The main issue from the reviews seems to be battery life, it was rather poor and even below some of the competing products on the market.  The above photo shows the current WF-1000X parts and looking at it, the battery seems to be the small silver cylinder.  It does not seem that large and there are always limitations to battery size in such small packages.  Sony could have made the units larger and increase battery size but also increase weight or made them smaller and lighter but sacrificing battery life.  Hopefully Sony will improve the battery life with the new model to something more than the current 3 hours, preferably at least up to 5 hours. 

One interesting note, the device on the FCC is identified as the M3, or mark 3, meaning a mark 2 might have existed, destined for IFA 2018 but ultimately cancelled.  If it did exist and was cancelled, would be interesting to know the reasons for such a decision.  Whatever the reasons Sony had for cancelling the mark 2, hopefully this new mark 3 will retain the great sound quality with NC but improve on the areas lacking like battery life and water and dust protection.

The current model appeared on the FCC in early July and was unveiled at IFA in September, so around 2 months or so, and then went on sale shortly after.  If we will have a similar timeline now, then we can be loking at an introduction in May/June with sales shorty after.

If I find or receive any more information I will post it.  As always if anyone has any information, please do contact me.


  1. I have the WF-1000X, and the case design is sturdy and feels great in the hand.

    The issue with this unit is that the ability to cancel noise is almost non-existent, and it has a tendency to drop the connection between earbuds (one is a slave; the other receives the signal).

    Sony also needs to add USB-C for charging.

    1. From the reviews I've read, it seems the NC works well but I feel this might be different for everyone else. I do agree, type C should be added.

  2. Battery life was the reason I held off buying the WF-1000X. Here's hoping that Sony does improve the battery life enough for me to justify purchasing the WF-1000XM3.

    1. Yes, I was almost ready to buy them myself but waited for reviews and battery life was not what I expected. At one point I was also looking at getting the wi-1000x, still might if no new model is released and the price drops.

  3. Have them, and like many would say, the battery life is sad, always clocking at around 2hours to 2.5 max. Also, hope the M3 will have better audio quality (HI-RES wishful thinking).


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