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Sony WI-C100 (YY2957) spotted on the FCC (update #2)

Sony WI-C100 (YY2957)

Another wireless headset from Sony has appeared on the FCC, the WI-C100 (YY2957). The design looks to be similar to the WI-C200/C310 models, but the name, WI-C100, suggests that it could be positioned below the other models. But perhaps it replaces both those models when it releases.

The certification documents show only Bluetooth 3.0, but there is mention of BLE, so I would imagine we are looking at Bluetooth 4.0 but most likely 5.0. Short term confidentiality ends next year on April 11th, which could indicate an early 2022 release date. The WI-C200/C310 both use a Realtek RTL8763B chipset, so I would think either Sony will reuse that chipset or go for a lower end Airoha chip. The model is manufactured in Vietnam, most likely in the same factory as the WF-C500 and WH-XB910N.

Sony WI-C100 (YY2957)
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So this is the 4th new headset after the WF-C500 (YY2952), WH-XB910N (YY2951) and the unknown YY2953. Unfortunately no new Walkman news, I am hopeful for some news soon but I have received nothing from any people that used to send me information. 

I am wondering myself if there are other headphone models we can expect next year, Sony's internal codes for their headphones did seem to skip some numbers before but perhaps my list was not fully complete. Nevertheless, there is no YY2950 certified anywhere, and we are now skipping over, YY2954, YY2955 and YY2956 to get to the YY2957. So either we can expect more models to come next year or these model codes will be skipped over.

Some new models we could be looking at in 2022 are the WH-1000XM5, perhaps a successor to the WI-1000XM2, not sure if Sony wants to continue the h.ear on line but if they do, then we should see at least 2 there, large over the ear (WH) and wireless in-ear (WF).

Another question is are non-wireless headphones included in the codes? If so, then maybe we will see a new Signature Series pair to replace the Z1R to go with the new Walkman coming. What are people's thoughts? Can we expect more new headsets next year like the WH-1000XM5? Or will Sony keep the WH-1000XM4 and try to upgrade it to LE Audio with a firmware update?


The headset has appeared on Canada's Certification site, not much new info though. One change in the FCC filing, Sony has uploaded a new label photo PDF which excludes the WI-C100 name, lol. Finally, the device will most likely be using an Airoha chipset as this piece of information was found in the certification documents, "Airoha Tool Kit-V1.5.1.0203".

Sony WI-C100 (YY2957)

Update #2:

The headset has appeared on the Bluetooth Certification site. The certification has revealed that the headset will support Bluetooth 5.0.

Sony WI-C100 (YY2957)

The certification has also revealed that the headset will use an Airoha Bluetooth chip, but not which one. I have a feeling it might be the same one as in the WF-C500, the Airoha AB1562M. Hopefully we will have a reveal shortly after the new year.

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