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New Walkman spotted at a Sony Dealer Convention

An unknown Walkman model has been spotted at a Sony Dealer convention being held from September 9 to 11. Could this be the new S-Series with noise-cancellation? Image and preliminary information after the break.

"Unpublished walkman in the midst of exhibition" - from AV Watch

So far details are few if any, but it seems that this is another S-Series, possibly the S74x. From the image it appears that the new walkman will feature noise-cancellation, FM radio tuner and podcast support. It is unknown what the top right hand corner icon is but a red arrow and music icon could be playlists or some other new feature. Interesting to note is that the now playing icon in the lower right seems different than the current icon used. SenseMe seems to be absent as well.

The headphones appear to be the MDR-NC33 and both the Canadian and US Sony Style websites lack this model, with only the European Sony websites featuring it. No official price was given for the headphones from Sony during the press release, but they should retail at around $100 or so. Stand alone MDR-NC33 headphones are to land in October 2009.

It is unclear what capacities will be offered but 8GB and 16GB are more than likely. The screen size appears to be 2 inch like the E-Series and colour choices are black, gold and pink; unknown if other colours will be available. It now remains to be seen if it will feature Wi-Fi for podcast downloading and if any new media formats will be supported. Prices will definitely be more expensive than the new S-Series. The noise-cancellation could easily bump the price up by $50-100 per model of the same capacity. So start saving if you want NC for a lower price than the X.

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