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IFA 2014 Preview

IFA2014 Sony
Link for Live Stream on September 3 @ 16:15 CET

We are at that time of the year again when tech is front and centre in the news. When I was posting the preview for 2013, I was not expecting much of anything from the Walkman but Sony threw a surprise and introduced the updated F-Series and the ZX1.

From earlier posts (1, 2, 3) Sony will again expand and introduce new Walkmans at this year's IFA.  Three new Walkman devices, new A-Series, new WS-Series and M-Series, but there there are faint rumours of 2 more devices, a ZX2 or a new device to slot between the ZX1 and F880, nothing confirmed, perhaps more information will come later on in the year before CES 2015.

I will mention this as a teaser, the new A-Series has a new button design, no more mickey mouse, and it will be non-android for sure.

Times for the press conference for other regions after the break.

Europe - 16:15 CEST/15:15 BST
Asia - 22:15 CST (Bejing)
North America - 10:15 EDT/07:15 PDT
Japan - 23:15 JST
Australia - 00:15 AEST

Apart from the new Walkman devices, Sony should have a lot of other goodies to show and hopefully some nice surprises.

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  1. I'm ready for the new A series! I want it NOWWWWWW :3


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