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Sony's WF-L900 gets a teaser (update 2)

Sony WF-L900 WFL900

Sony's WF-L900 or possibly Linkbuds will be debuting next week. Sony Japan also has a teaser up on their website. The design has leaked already, here and here for those interested.

I initially said there would be noise cancellation as per the Canadian certification, but this appears not to be the case since the FCC filing only mentions "Wireless Stereo Headset". I even speculated how would noise cancellation work on a headset with the ear canal open to outside noise? It would not work.

TechInsiderBlog reports a recharge time of 1.5 hours for the earbuds, same as the WF-1000XM4, which could indicate the same battery being used. I am still not sure what chipset these are using, but since there is no NC, they could use the same chipset as the WF-C500, the Airoha AB1562M. But Sony could opt for the higher end Mediatek MT2822 to take advantage of the built in DAC and Amp.

They also posted description of the headset:

Link your online and offline worlds with headphones that keep you in both. The all-new Sony LinkBuds feature a comfortable open-ring design that naturally blends natural and digital sound. Stay authentically connected to everyday life while listening to music and more

I am curious if Sony will emphasize the Linkbuds name more or stick to WF-L900 for marketing. Perhaps a combination of both and maybe a trend for future products.

Anyways, here are the times for other areas for the debut:

Los Angeles - February 15th, 09:00
New York - February 15th, 12:00
London, UK - February 15th, 17:00
Berlin - February 15th, 18:00
Melbourne, Australia - February 16th, 04:00

It looks like Sony Japan will have their own event/debut a bit later, 10:00 JST on February 16th, since the event above would take place at 2am JST.

Sony WF-L900 WFL900


Winfuture.de is reporting a 12mm driver for the WF-L900 and the V1 processor, aka MT2822. They have a weight of 4 grams each(?) and are IPX4 certified. Running time is 5.5 hours and the case can recharge the buds for up to 12 hours of additional use.

Update 2:

TechInsider has posted more photos on his Twitter. This time showing the unique 12mm ring-type driver. The new leak also provides a look into the inside of the device. We see one main chip, the MT2822 but other than that, not much else can be made out. Really curious to see how that ring-type driver is made.

Sony WF-L900 WFL900 YY2953

Sony WF-L900 WFL900 YY2953

Sony WF-L900 WFL900 YY2953

Sony WF-L900 WFL900 YY2953

Sony WF-L900 WFL900 YY2953


  1. Just a note here, Airoha is a Mediatek owned company that seems to be slowly taking over some of Mediatek's BUs, such as stand alone Bluetooth chips, route chips, modem products and DVB TV chips.

    1. yes, I have mentioned this in a few other previous posts with regards to the MT2811 and MT2822.

  2. Seems like they want to revive their "open ear" headphones.


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